Adding header graphic thesis

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How to add clickable header or logo image in Thesis Theme

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How to add clickable header or logo image in Thesis Theme

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This video tutorial covers how to display different size banner ads in header area of thesis theme. for example ×60 banner add in Thesis wordpress header we can add this header banner ad with help of widget or custom file editor.

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How to Add Your Custom Banner Image to the Thesis Theme Header – CSS Version

Jan 06,  · Phone Number in Thesis Theme Header header graphic which was inserted using open hook. We discuss how to correct this with a two different methods for replacing the graphic and then adding the. How to add Logo to Thesis theme.

Adding Logo/Image to Header in Thesis theme. Now once we have cleared the title, we will now add the logo to our thesis theme for that first make a logo for your blog then upload it on the site, for me I have placed it in "custom/images" folder so here is my code.

Adding header graphic thesis
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