Master thesis helsinki vantaa

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University of Helsinki Digital Theses

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Architecture of Finland

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Find who else is attending and connect with 15 people interested in participating at edition of Outdoor Expo, Helsinki. The new hospital in Kainuu, Finland has been selected as the best BIM project in the Tekla BIM Awards Finland and Baltics.

The results of the competition organised by the software company Trimble Tekla were announced and winners were awarded on 14 June in the Tekla BIM Awards event in Helsinki, Finland. The University of Helsinki offers Master's Programmes across a wide range of subjects. You can apply to our International Master’s Programmes between December 3, and January 11, Admissions at the University of Helsinki.

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Master’s Thesis

Master’s Thesis Regional Studies Planning Geography BOULEVARDS OF GROWTH Assessing the planned boulevardizations in Helsinki in the context of city-regionalism and land-use conflicts between municipalities Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen, Porvoo and the Frontier Energy is the world's first publication, eNewsletter and website to focus on the oil & gas and shipping operations in the Arctic and other environmentally challenging and harsh, ice-affected regions.

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Master thesis helsinki vantaa
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