Wsu honors thesis proposal

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Honors Program Curriculum

Honors Program Philosophy: Any science can be described as having two major aspects: 1) an organized body of knowledge classically gleaned from coursework and 2) a formal way of adding new information to the existing body of knowledge.

Final proposal for Honors credit (S/F) is due Wednesday, May 2,by 5 p.m.

Board of Directors

by email to [email protected] Make sure a final, complete, satisfactory draft incorporating previous feedback is submitted formally by email to Prof.

Andersen, no later than this date! Complete the Thesis Proposal form and submit it via your Honors Thesis Canvas course page. Recommended: Make an appointment with the Librarian for the subject area that is related to your thesis. Completion of an Honors thesis is a graduation requirement for the Washington State University Honors College.

This requirement may involve library research, bench research in the field or laboratory, a creative project in the arts, or even a research project conducted while abroad. Dear Honors Thesis Advisors, Thank you for agreeing to be a thesis advisor for a University Scholars student.

Here is a copy of the Scholars Handbook that each student has received. Honors Thesis Proposal Seminar 1 Course Prerequisite: Must be an Honors student; sophomore standing. Seminar to complete the honors thesis proposal for HONORS Seminar to complete the honors thesis proposal for HONORS

University of Arizona Wsu honors thesis proposal
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